Menu types

Personalisation and Choice

Every aspect of living in Rose Hill Nursing Home is tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences, including food and dining

All about the individual

There’s always a choice of menu options at each meal, with at least two choices of main course. 

We understand that, as a person ages, their appetite doesn’t always conform to the clock. So, although main meals are served at certain times, residents can always eat at a time that better suits them.

An expert approach

Your loved one’s preferences and any dietary needs are noted in their care plan and this is updated as they change. Many residents need to have a specialist diet – either for medical or religious/cultural reasons. Our chefs have the culinary expertise to produce tempting, nutritious and delicious options, whatever your loved one’s needs.

We offer a full range of soft food options for people who have dysphagia, or difficulty in swallowing. Everything is made with the same nutritional values but served in a soft, easy-to-eat form with the same visual appeal.

Breakfast Menu

Your choice of cereals Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, Fruit & Fibre, Frosties, Weetabix or muesli

Fruit of your choice

Prepared fresh fruit, grapefruit or prunes


Served on its own or with honey, 


Full English breakfast (available on request) Grilled bacon, eggs (fried, boiled, poached or scrambled), grilled sausage, tomato, mushrooms and baked beans
Filled roll of your choice Bacon, bacon and egg or sausage 


Toast and preserves

Sliced white or brown bread with fruit jams, marmalade or marmite, flora or butter


Fruit juice, tea, coffee or hot chocolate

Lunch Menu

Our chef prepares all meals on site using fresh, locally sourced produce and can cater for health dietary requirements such as vegetarians, diabetes and other cuisine needs.

The menu rotates on a monthly basis and features a variety of options and desserts.

Liquidized meals are also available. Tea & Freshly baked cake is served daily at 3pm  The list below reflects a typical week of lunch meal options at a Rose Hill.

There are communal dining areas where you can socialise or have the option of eating in your room.

 Option 1 


Roast Lamb, Mint Sauce & Roast Potatoes, Vegetables

Braised Beef with Red Wine & Potatoes

Roast Chicken, Roast Potatoes &
Parsnips & Gravy

Sausages with light onion sauce & mashed potato

Breaded Haddock, Fries & Petit-Pois


Chicken & Vegetable Pie, Peas, Carrots & Gravy


Roast Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Roast & Creamed Potatoes, Vegetables & Gravy

 Option 2 


Turkey drumsticks, Green Beans & Sweetcorn

Cheese Omelette & Mix Veg

Cornish Pasty, Swede & Greens

Cauliflower Cheese, Carrots & Spinach

Chicken & Mushroom Pie, Potatoes and Veg


Meatballs in Tomato Sauce


Vegetable Lasagne


Lemon Meringue, Fruit Crumble & Cream, Gâteaux, Rice Pudding, Mousse – all served with fresh fruit

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